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Japanese elderly who do not use deposit money of tens of millions yen. Let's learn from UK gentlemen


Although the young one may not know, in the 1980's the word "British disease" sometimes became popular. It is a name of a disease worrying that the UK, which was a major power of the world by achieving stable economic development until the 1960s, was economically stagnant since the 1970s. British citizens who were economically overpowered not only in the United States but also in Japan and suffering from a chronic depression lamented their economy as "British illness".

In the same meaning Japan also subsequently took on "Japanese disease", and China has also been overtook economically. Meanwhile, it is said that Britain has a hint of Japan's economic revival, as the UK could get out of British illness and turn it into economic development again.

From such a point of view I am also studying the history of the modern economy in the UK, but this time as a topic of this column I would like to talk about the British society of the time that was the best in the 16th and 19th centuries. If you read until the end and it is a story related to modern Japan, the mystery should be solved.

● Gentlemen

Well, the country called Britain is basically a class society, even now there are aristocratic classes under the royal family and occupies a high place as it is, respected from society as it is. The gentry, which is a rank of landlords and others, had the power as a class one further lower from the 16th century to the 19th century, was called Gentleman with a lord who has a title of aristocracy. In Japan and the United States the term gentleman refers to a general man (but neat person), but in the UK gentlemen refers to the upper class.

Well, this traditional gentleman had one social rule. You should not work on gentlemen's sake. This is a big difference with the modern ruling class.

Even though the upper class of modern society has assets of tens of billions of yen, working as a corporate owner or turning into a politician and working as a daughter is common. The reason is that in modern society "power can not be obtained from assets alone". Because the financial asset is 10 billion yen, it is not limited to the ruling class, it is the owner manager and a powerful politician, so it can rule over society. This is democracy after the Second World War.

Instead, Gentlemen of the era of being born in a ruled class did not need to "work" as a lord to preserve power. Conversely, it was considered that "workers are not gentlemen."

In this era, it is the peasant who is a citizen who produces agricultural crops, from which the obligations are collected by the servants of the lords. The staff in the residence below the butler will do all the things you did in the house. Then, Gentlemen is unexpectedly leisurely.

Anyway, the people do all the work and there is nothing to complain about life. Considering "What if I become like that," it seems that I will have time to spare.

So what modern gentlemen are doing is two, there are two, one consumes with money anyway. The other will make flowers blossom on investment talks.

There is a word Noblesse Obridge (the obligation's responsibility) in England, and those with property must use money properly. In summer I travel not only my family but also my employees to a cottage in a summer resort where I spend a lot of money. Frequently going out to London, I spend a lot of money on traveling expenses such as carriages and inns. Purchase expensive woolen cloth neatly.

In the UK, pubs and the like are also classified, and Gentleman can drink beer only at a shop where Gentleman class should enter. Just because you can order beer mugs at a price of 1/5 for common people 's pubs, you are not allowed to enter cheap shops and you have to breathe beer at a high store.

By the way this remnant is a mini bar complete with luxury hotels. Japanese people resentfully say, "Why can a can cola cost 500 yen!" And bring a cola's PET bottle purchased at a convenience store without using a mini bar to the room, but the English gentleman is such I will not do it. It is the Noblesse Obridge to stay at a hotel like The Peninsula and The Ritz-Carlton, and drinking the 500 yen coke there is also a natural habit for Noblesse O-Bridge.

● Gentleman's post is gone

Talking back, the first role in the economic society of Gentleman is to circulate the British economy by consuming. And the other role is investment. In modern times, overseas investment talks become active among Gentlemen.

In this era, gentlemen gathered at the coffee house in London to make flowers blossom on investment talks. Investing in overseas merchant ships and making money with trade becomes important as property management of Gentleman. Lloyd's of the world's largest casualty insurance company has come up with trade insurance invented at this coffee house.

The fact that gentlemen started "colonial management" in this way is a matter of question whether it is questioned from the contemporary viewpoint, but it brought about a transformation of the gentleman hierarchy after all.

For the brothers who are less than the second son in the family of Gentleman, the problem of how to do that position was about to go on. At first, the second son of Gentlemen who can not succeed to the house got a status similar to a gentleman by taking an intellectual occupation such as a lawyer or a doctor. However, when such occupations are overtaken, the new son of Gentlemen and posts of the third son are gone.

With that and colonial management, the second sons of Gentlemen will arrive as administrators of the colonies such as the United States and India.

In the end British society is going to suffer from British diseases as a result of the fact that the colonies of the British Empire independently and gentlemen's post is gone, but aside from that, What can be learned?

● Japanese gentleman

In Japan of contemporary society, like the Gentlemen of the British Empire, "a hierarchy that does not have to work and has assets" is a rich elderly in a word. Indeed, the majority of Japanese personal financial assets are owned by elderly people.

There are news like "Japanese average deposit is 10 million yen" and it is talked about "Who has so much!", Is that most Japanese are millions of yen It has only deposits of hundreds of thousands of yen, while elderly people have deposits of tens of millions of yen.

The elderly who is that Japanese gentleman is uneasy about the future. So save money and try not to use deposits as much as possible. Even financial assets that have tens of millions of yen have been taught by the financial planner that it is better to keep bank accounts as stable assets without turning them into investments that are risk assets when they are over 60 years old .

So Japanese gentleman is different from modern English gentleman, does not use money, does not invest. It seems to me that there is one reason why Japan has not come out of British disease since the 1990s, but what do you think?



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